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Learn more about how you can request a grant from the Village Foundation to support your business or nonprofit.

Let Us Invest In You

The Board of Directors of the Foundation will carefully consider all grant requests at scheduled Board of Directors meetings. All grant requests must be submitted on the Foundation Grant Request Form which may be obtained via download by clicking the button below, or from the receptionist at the office of the Foundation at 132 Park Avenue, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, 28605, or online using the appropriate button below. In considering any grant request, the Board of Directors will look for alignment with the Mission of the Foundation and the overall benefit to the Community of Blowing Rock. The Mission of the Foundation is as follows:


“To promote, implement and support (a) business education, solicitation and retention in Blowing Rock, and (b) economic development in Blowing Rock, for the purposes of (i) improving the standard of living in, and the economic vitality of Blowing Rock, (ii) fostering orderly economic growth and development in Blowing Rock, and (iii) generally lessening the burdens on local government.”


The Board of the Foundation may decline any grant request for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason, notwithstanding the fact that the grant request may meet the Grant Guidelines in effect at the time of the request.

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