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The mission of The Village Foundation of Blowing Rock is to promote, implement and support business education, solicitation and retention, and economic development in Blowing Rock. Through our efforts, we hope to improve the standard of living in, and economic vitality of Blowing Rock, while fostering orderly, economic growth and development and generally, lessening the burdens on local government.

Established in 2012, the Village Foundation has achieved a long and illustrious history of identifying and pursuing projects that enhance the quality of life and economic resiliency of Blowing Rock. Throughout our history, dozens of motivated citizens have graciously volunteered their various resources to see the goals of the organization come to fruition, while continuously envisioning an even better future for our village.

To accomplish the Mission of The Village Foundation of Blowing Rock, the Foundation Directors have agreed:

  • To encourage collaboration among, and where appropriate, to partner with Town government, the TDA, local non-profits, and local for-profit businesses, in order to expand and improve community and tourism infrastructure and overall community desirability as a place to visit, live, work and play.

  • To advocate for the Blowing Rock community in order to create and sustain significant funding from individuals, families, businesses, foundations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations, and from creative and sustainable funding mechanisms

  • To identify community needs and develop the plans and means to meet those needs

  • To receive such funding for designated local projects and programs consistent with the Mission of the Foundation, as well for the establishment of a permanent, unrestricted endowment, as donors may direct from time to time

  • To solicit, consider and act upon grant applications for funding initiatives consistent with, and in furtherance of the Mission of the Foundation

  • To monitor, manage and oversee the disbursement of funds designated by donors for specific local projects and programs in order that such funds will be utilized in the most efficient and effective manner possible

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